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First State Bank of Healy


Money Orders

Up to $500.00 $2.50
Up to $2,000.00 $4.00
Up to $5,000.00 $5.00
Over $5,000.00 $7.50

Check Cashing

Up to $300.00 $5.00 per check
From $300.01 to $1,000.00 $10.00 per check
From $1,000.01 to $2000.00 $20.00 per check
Over $2,000.01 $20.00 plus 1.0% of amount above $2,000.01

Wire Transfers

Outgoing $15.00 per item
Incoming (non-customer) $10.00 per item
Outgoing (non-customer) $20.00 per item
International $75.00 per item

Mobile Deposit

Fee for each deposit $0.50
Only one check per deposit


Sending/Outgoing (first page) $2.00
Receiving/Incoming (first page) $1.00
Each Additional Page $1.00


Initial Setup $200.00
Annual Maintenance $25.00
Monthly Maintenance $6.00

Copy Machine*

Standard $0.30 per side
Legal $0.30 per side

Collection Items

Customer $10.00
Non-Customer $20.00

Notary Fee*

Customer $2.00
Non-Customer $5.00

Coin Wrapping Fee

Per Roll $0.25

Stop Payments*

Per Payment $15.00

Garnishment or Levied Account

Fee $15.00

Overdraft items paid

Per Item $22.00

Item returned unpaid due to NSF

Per Presentment** $22.00

**Footnote: A fee will be incurred each time an item is presented. This may result in multiple fees imposed on a single item if the item is presented more than once.

NEGATIVE BALANCE INTEREST FEE - any negative balance $5,000.00 or greater will be charged a negative balance interest fee of 14% per annum for every day the account remains negative $5,000 or greater.

Research Time*

Per Hour $75.00

Account Reconciliation*

Per Hour $75.00
$15.00 minimum

Instant Statements

Per Page $1.00

Item Reproduction

Per Page $1.00

Debit Card Replacement

Each $20.00

Check Printing*

Per Check $0.10
$5.00 minimum

All Accounts

Closed posting fee $12.00

Safe Deposit Boxes

Small $15.00
Medium $25.00
Large $35.00
Box Drilling $75.00
Deposit $25.00
New Key $7.50

*These fees effective as of 06-01-2023